Friday, January 11, 2013

Homemade Kale Chips

I've made homemade kale chips before and they are such a quick, healthy, satisfying snack.  They give me the crunch and the salt that I feel like I am missing from a potato chip.  Here is how I make kale chips:

1 Bunch of Kale
Olive Oil (I use Whole Foods brand because it's a good olive oil and cheap at only $5.99 for a big bottle)
Sea Salt
Himalayan Seat Salt (purchased from Target)

Wash and prepare your kale for cutting.

To cut, I like the flip the pieces over face (or curly side) down.  It allows me to get to the stem better and cut on both sides of the stem to maximize the amount of kale I am getting off each piece.

Once ready, place in a large bowl.  Drizzle with approximately 1-2 Tbsp of olive oil.  Do not put too much oil on the kale or it will make your chips a little soft instead of the crispy crunchy chips that I like.  I add a little bit of Himalayan sea salt which gives them a slightly different taste than regular sea salt.  Mix well with your hands until all pieces are coated.

Once coated, spread the kale onto a parchment paper covered cookie sheet (I use parchment paper under everything for easy clean up) and sprinkle with a little bit of regular sea salt.  I like to bake my chips at 300 degrees.  If you bake them at a higher temperature, the edges of the chips will cook and burn faster than the inner portion of the chips.  I try to cook them as evenly as I can.  Put them in for 10 minutes and then just keep an eye on them after that.  I try to make sure that all pieces are nice and crispy before I take them out.

Once I take them out of the oven, I like to eat them hot.  I don't generally let them cool too long before I put them in a bowl and start snacking.

They're a great healthy snack that is easy to make and low points (the only thing that counts is your olive oil) on the Weight Watchers plan.

If you've made homemade kale chips before and would like to share your recipe or tips, post them in the comments below.  I'd love to hear what kind of spices you might add to yours or any tricks that you use for getting them crispy and not burnt all the way through.

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